Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rick and Morty BGs from Season 2

  Rick and Morty BGs from the final episode of season 2, The Wedding Squanchers. 

  It took a few talented people to design and paint these BGs. Before shipping off to Bardel for animation, I would go through all of the sequences to make sure everything hooked up. James McDermott, Jason Boesch, and I would get a last chance to make any design changes, checking the action, boards, characters and FX for the scenes (This was an action packed sequence!). 

I thought these looked especially nice! 

Painters: Me, Hedy Yudaw, Yaoyao Ma Van As
Color Supervisor: Jason Boesch

Art Director: James McDermott

All rights Adult Swim/Cartoon Network

Link to James McDermott's post about The Wedding Squanchers:

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