Saturday, December 5, 2009


Our Wyatt, Carey, Murray Thanksgiving
in San Francisco

   This Thanksgiving, after being unemployed for 9 months and almost losing our house a few times...We took a well needed drive up the coast to San Francisco.
  Clean, crisp air intermixed with the pre-Christmas frenzy of families shuffling about the city. The energy of the city gave us life.
   All 7 of us actually fit on various parts of a cable car while our youngest kids screamed as we crested Nob Hill. They played on the beach at the unusually, un-crowded Fisherman's Wharf, while our two oldest kids went inside each Giaradelli store over and over again for free samples... Chocolate peppermints.
   Our children were used to not asking for things and did not ask for the M&Ms and Cokes peeking out from the hotel room refrigerator. They did not get upset when the one movie we did purchase stopped unexpectedly right before the end. Our toddler even put the Snickers bars back when we caught him taking them from the fridge.

   We needed this trip. We needed a break. Every month worrying about how we would make the next mortgage payment and utility bill. Stress and arguing building each month. Eating the same meals and not being able to go out. Searching and testing for various jobs. Talking to so many producers I couldn't count them anymore. Making sure to keep good records for each unemployment form. We could not take the kids on outings or buy birthday presents for their friends. We had to choose between paying the phone bill or the gas bill. 3 jobs fell through.
   I was defeated and tired.

   Finally, after months of friends and co workers spreading the word, and me pounding the pavement, I was hired. A week before Thanksgiving. For a network that will keep me employed for at least a year.
   Our children now know how important it is to have a roof over your head and clothes and shoes. They used to spend, spend, spend. Now, they are happy we can stay in our home. This Thanksgiving we were full of gratitude for all of the basics in life and our family sticking it out together. We made it! For now.