Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today I Met Carl Reiner

Today I met Carl Reiner.

I had heard him at one of our table readings before and he was hilarious. He plays a recurring character on The Cleveland Show, so he is a regular at the table reads. It was especially funny to see him read one of our raunchy scripts.

Mr. Reiner had written today's story (with the writers contributions), so a few animators asked him to sign their scripts after the reading. 
I asked him a question about the last scene and he launched into a great story about Groucho Marx.
How incredible to be able to meet someone who has done so much incredible work, AND worked with such amazing talent! 
The Dick Van Dyke Show was one of my all time favorite shows growing up. The writing and directing was so funny and clever. There are very few shows today that are as funny as a Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, or The Carol Burnett show. He wrote, directed, and acted alongside Mel Brooks, Steve Martin, and many others I have a deep respect for. I miss that quality of humor in TV today. Where a writer doesn't have to swear or call people names to get hysterical laughter. The stories, characters, and actors made us laugh without being demeaning. They had simple plots with complex personalities that always got themselves into a situation that they couldn't get out of. And those were the laughs.

Never in my wildest dreams growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, would I have ever predicted working with such talented people!!