Monday, January 10, 2011

My TRON Experience

All rights Carol Wyatt

I finally went to see TRON Legacy a few days ago. As much as I hate wearing 3D glasses, this was the first film that I have seen where the film was truly made for the 3D experience. Loved the floating dots separating the indoor from the outdoor residence. What a gorgeous set!

I have always loved painting with contrast and vivid color. This movie looked like a giant scratchboard illustration that had been backlit. 
I am not a gamer and was not interested in the story as much as the aesthetics. I wanted to know where people slept and went to the bathroom. How did all of this amazing technology get made in a world where everything was destroyed over and over again? Were there any fat characters? African American? Did people eat? Were there any children?
It was all pure fantasy, and beautiful. It looked like a lot of fun to work on.

Congratulations to all involved... It is a gorgeous film!

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