Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Carol Wyatt's photostream

Street panOld lady houseLobby
Restaurant w TESCOForest roadFat person kitchen
Fancy hotelChurchill portraitCave painting
Blitz WW2 Pan down to TubeTom Cruise Paparazzi BGCafe
More Ricky Gervais BGs posted!

Color, BGs, by Carol Wyatt
All rights HBO


  1. Hey I just discovered your blog and I'm totally amazed!!

    I remember playing Nightmare Ned or watching cartoons with THIS STYLE I love so much, but I just didn't really know who was behind this.

    So I just wanted to say I adore your art!! I never get enough of the retro style, which I sometimes try to imitates, haha ... like in this video I made for school :

    Well I hope you continue to draw awesome pictures, you really are an inspiration for me !!

    1. Thank you Charlie. I appreciate the compliments.

  2. Gasp! The Ricky Gervais Show is my favorite cartoon!

    These are lovely backgrounds!!