Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still My Favorite Painting

Untitled-1, originally uploaded by carol-wyatt.

Owned by Gabor Csupo

Friday, December 10, 2010

YAY! We didn't get Foreclosed on, MOVING SALE!!

Yay, we didn't get foreclosed on: MOVING SALE! 

Sunday, December 12 


1835 Colina Drive 91208

Baby and Kid's: Bellini Crib, Crib Sheets, Safety Gate, Toys, Games, Costumes, Rocking Horse, Tricycle, Pool Toys
Hardware & Tools: Shovel, Rake, Electric Blower, Screen Material, Paint
Furniture: California King Wooden Bed, Shelves, Rocking Chair, Desk, Long Picnic Table with Benches (Redwood, needs work)
Miscellaneous: Clay Pots, Swamp Cooler, Posters & Art
Clothing: Children's, Men's, Women's


Friday, December 3, 2010

BG Keys from The Cleveland Show on Fox

The Cleveland Show
Thanksgiving episode
The Bellagio

The Cleveland Show
Stoolbend Car Wash

The Cleveland Show
Rob's Place
What's Happenin' Cutaway

The Cleveland Show
Halloween episode
Cleveland's House

All rights 20th Century Fox

Background Color Design by Carol Wyatt

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shameless Promotion!

One of my favorite BGs I worked on from The Cleveland Show.
Buzz Aldrin's party pad with lots of drinking & dancing girls and hula hoops. Don't have the girls saved, but they are great too! 

All rights 20th Century Fox

Friday, November 19, 2010


   After working in TV Animation for over 20 years, I have adjusted to the hiatus and the layoff. You say goodbye to your family of friends on each crew and make new friends on the next. Every crew is different... Some shows where comic book geeks prevail, some where comedy is the key story element. You adapt your talents and style to fit the creator's (not to be confused with God) concept and storyline. You make it work and take it a step further to make it beautiful to look at. You learn to anticipate each director's preferences and detect mistakes before they're made. 
   This is your career and you care A LOT about the final product.

   While working with many talented artists and writers, you develop a mutual respect and support one another. Even if you don't get along with someone, you root for their success, because it is a group effort. Everyone counts and you are only as strong as your weakest link. If someone is behind, it effects everyone, especially the people at the end of the line. If the budget is too small, everyone is pressured to work extra hours for free and take a cut in pay. The producers put pressure on you to do the impossible and make unrealistic deadlines. Some people work every day to make those deadlines which only shows the producers that it can be done. Then they make the deadlines even tighter and pay even less. It's a vicious cycle.

   However, instead of bitching about the business of entertainment, I want to focus on the things that I love... The stories, the gags, the characters, the paintings, and the crews are all what keep me coming back for more. Artists like to tell stories on TV and we can only do it with the help of a large crew. So here goes: A few of my favorite things.....

   At Klasky Csupo during the early days of The Simpsons, I had some of the best experiences of my career. There were the late night Twister games in our layout room. Nancy Kruse would bring her flute in. Eric Stefani and Eric Keyes were the young studs in the studio... Still in college. All of the women in the studio had a crush on them. We had the funniest animators (in my opinion) who kept all of us entertained.... Ken Bruce, Brad Bird, and Rich Moore... All liberal with the intercom. Wes Archer would occasionally do a cartwheel in my doorway. David Silverman taught me an enormous amount about timing in animation. One of my favorite sequences I ever worked on was the seduction scene between Marge and the French bowling instructor that David pretty much animated entirely.... I cleaned up the BGs, and color keyed the sequence.

   Itchy and Scratchy was a fun new cartoon within a cartoon that Brad Bird was passionate (well, Brad was always passionate) about and he and I worked together on finalizing the BGs and color. I loved working with Brad because he was so enthusiastic and fun. There was Gabor inviting us into his office for late night pizza or drinks. He had a recording booth on the second floor and was often recording electronic music. There was an Oxberry camera somehow on the 3rd floor of the Highland building (we were afraid it might fall through the floor and crush someone). We could use the camera.... often. I cannot imagine any studio allowing you to shoot your own scenes now! There was the video room with a homemade box above that had about 20 wires connected to different boxes. None were labeled. Eventually you knew which wires connected the video feed to the monitor and various other equipment. It reminded me of Lily Tomlin's operator character. There were the various celebrities visiting to develop new cartoons with Gabor. I was lucky to work on most development during the four years I was there. The Russians, Hungarians, and various Eastern Block countries were represented. I learned a few Russian curse words while sitting in the same room with 3 Russians. I worked with one of my favorite comediennes, Lily Tomlin, on her project. She was always complimentary (especially of my eyebrows), and had a large entourage with her whenever she came in. I especially remember how sweet Jane Wagner was and what an amazing team those two are.

(this yellow is waaayyyy off BTW)

   After Klasky Csupo, I moved onto Rocko's Modern Life at Games Animation...Now Nickelodeon. The intercom was open to everyone, so we had daily entertainment and sound FX thanks to Tom Yasumi. John McIntyre had a talk show at his desk. Anyone could stop by and sit in the guest chair for an interview. Nick Jennings was one of the best bosses you could have, and funny. It was the first time I worked with Conrad Vernon who was one of the funniest guys I had EVER met. 
  When I worked at Disney TV, I got to work with Conrad again and watch his hilarious pitches, one of which he did in a 70s tuxedo. Mike Bell, Paul Tibbitt and Mike Mitchell were also hilarious and I never laughed so much as on Nightmare Ned. It definitely was the funniest crew I have ever worked with. Conrad did some great drawings one of which I taped to the wall and tried to paint on the wall.... while covering it with Conrad's drawing. It never was completely finished, so I painted my shelf instead. Someone at Disney TV still has my old shelf. Nightmare Ned was also the first time I was allowed to go crazy with design and color. Donovan Cook kept the execs at bay and we got away with a lot of great humor and creativity.

   There have been thousands of incredible and fun experiences that have made these years great. One rude producer, or one crooked executive hasn't ruined it for me. But, they sure do make it difficult. Working with ethical producers makes all the difference in the experience. When you spend the majority of your life with a crew, you need to enjoy your job. I know there will be more of those good experiences in my future....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween Color Design


The Cleveland Show
Color Design
Halloween Show 
All rights 20th Century Fox

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Young & Beautiful vs. Old & Talented

   Every morning driving to work, I would pass this billboard in Hollywood. Without the type across the images and reading Left to Right are: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, And Diane Keaton.
The names are listed in that order across the top.
My training in advertising taught me to design using color, images, and composition to attract the viewer. And to attract the audience you are going for. Most people don't notice the specific color choices and images used when advertising a show or a candy bar.
But, this billboard is very clear:

  The first image you see is Harrison Ford front and center. Handsome, familiar, box office superstar, safe, attracts the male viewer, and creates curiosity about the content of the film. To the left is the young, beautiful female, wearing a short skirt and showing some thigh, with a naive expression with big, beautiful eyes and eyelashes, that will beckon the young male viewer (maybe a good date film). She leans in towards Harrison Ford, his expression showing there is a connection between the two (older man, younger woman). Over on the right, slightly turned away from the other two, is the older, intelligent and stubborn (as displayed with her arms crossed) female. She has a big smile to remind us that she can be fun too.
  As always in entertainment, females and age cannot compete with a man of any age. Harrison Ford needs two females surrounding him in order for the movie executives to feel comfortable knowing their demographic is being reached. Even though women will most probably be the main audience for this film, they are second and third fiddle to the male.

  I try to stay positive as I age gracefully in the entertainment industry. Sometimes fooling myself by thinking, "Well, I'm not an actress, so I don't have to be young and beautiful." I dress like the people around me at work to make sure I fit in. In animation, that means wearing jeans every day. I try not to look too feminine by wearing dresses or skirts (the guys I work with would not recognize me). When we banter at the water cooler, I joke around with the guys and get used to their sense of humor (it is different at every studio, and usually pretty vulgar). There are very few women in an animation studio, and the women who work there have to follow the men's cues.

  Usually, the females are in production with a smattering of female artists sprinkled in the cubicles. Most directors, assistant directors, and story artists are male. I have worked with many female producers, some of whom I respect, and some I do not. The female co workers I do not respect are the women who put other women down, gossip about each other, and are harder on women than the men in the work place. Sometimes these women, usually in a position of power, use other women in the work place as scapegoats for mistakes they have made. So they look good to their male superiors.

  I have recently experienced some of this displaced sexism. Not by male colleagues, but by females trying desperately to act male. It reminds me of the billboard above. My place is the 3rd position, on the right. I am the older female on the crew. Experienced and I refuse to be treated badly. I am underpaid and I keep up with the younger females and single males, and do beautiful work.


I am a Mom.
With 5 kids.
And that is where I become a statistic. Underpaid, not respected, and the first to go on a crew with mostly men who work weekends. The younger women, even cranky ones, do not get layed off very often.
I refuse to work overtime for free like the others. But, that is my downfall. Although I am talented, fast, and extremely reliable, I will not work for free. I have learned in this business that there is no loyalty and everyone is layed off at some point. All TV shows must come to an end.

  Don't get me wrong, I love my male co workers. They are sweet and fun and always complimentary of my work. Unfortunately, I am, as they are, a statistic.

I hate statistics!
They mess with my denial and happiness.
I want to believe that none of this exists. I tire of whiners and negative people complaining about animation.  Too many critics out there.

Although, I have no idea what comes next, I will try desperately to stay positive about my career in this industry. I love what I do. And I love the people I work with.

But, let's make this business family and human friendly!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Did I Get Here?

   These are strange times.

   I remember when my ex and I watched George Bush win the Presidential election. After turning off the TV, he said that he was scared... REALLY scared! He explained that Bush could do some serious damage to our country. Damage that we may not be able to recover from.

   Remember the 80s? So carefree and fun. Before cell phones and texting, CDs and iPods. Before the internet.... I was in college, so maybe my view of the 80s is slightly skewed.

   My art colleagues and I worked hard. Paid our dues, working 2 jobs at a time. Learning as much as we possibly could about graphic design, painting, and animation. We were treated badly, but we enjoyed the work and the chaotic studio environments. There was a steady paycheck! Art openings were celebrations of our burgeoning talent and we cheered each other on.

   At the animation studios, we played tricks on each other, had margarita lunches, and went skydiving on the weekends.
It was easy to save money.... No house, kids, marriage. Just a clunky Chevy Corvair that broke down every few hundred miles. A cheap house rented with a friend in East LA.

   Although we played hard, we took our work very seriously, quickly moving up in the animation business and gaining attention in the editorial world. Producers and small studio owners noticed our talent right away and paired us up with teams of animators that you could learn from, and vice versa. It was intense work. Hands and fingers were always sore from drawing. Constant changes and revisions from directors. Re draw, re draw, re draw.... Every day. Then paint large at night for the next art show.

   Slowly we moved up to supervisor positions. Art Director, Assistant Director.... Then more stress, more work, more responsibility. More notoriety, more stress.
I guess we were growing up.

   Marriage, kids, and a beautiful home. A nice salary to pay for trips back East. We could SAVE for the first time in our lives. Start IRAs, investments, and buy life insurance. We were beginning to look like real, live, functioning adults while balancing work and family.


   Then the economy... No jobs!

   Cut back, cut back, cut back.

   Lose the house.

   Cut back, cut back.....

   Scramble for work....

   Finally a job.
   Back to square one. Back to low pay, back to being treated like an 20 year old.
   The experience of my co workers is astounding. But, we are widget makers. Widget makers that do beautiful work.


We have lost 20 years of investing in our future. Forever.   
We are aware of EVERYTHING we have lost ... OUCH!

I am grateful for my work and my healthy children.
My husband and I work very hard to support our family and we are lucky to have jobs. Some are not as fortunate as we are.

   But, where are we going now?
   Do we storm the banks and get our money back?
   Do we storm people's homes who profited on our losses?
   Or live in a hut in Tahiti and make cool touristy magnets? (that sounds pretty good)

When I was young I never thought that I would have so much success in my career.
At my age now, I can't believe that I've lost what I worked so hard for.
I know this is a familiar tale. And there are far worse stories than mine, but it is awful nevertheless.
I have some hope left that things will turn around for us materialistic Americans.
Maybe we needed to find out what life is really like.

   The banks and the President talk about getting our economy on track by getting consumers back out spending money. Isn't that the problem? Consuming? Do we really need one more cup holder in our 15 cup holder SUV that sits in traffic in a snow-less Los Angeles? Or a 4,000 square foot home for a couple who never wants to have a family? How many TVs do we need in one house? How many iPods does each child really need?  It's as if a materialistic fairy put a spell on all of us and made us believe that we need THINGS...
More things to take us away from looking into our spouses eyes, or playing hide and seek with our kids. We can watch TV shows about fictional families playing with one another and live vicariously through them. They even have sex so we don't have to!

I hope we can find ways to earn money without making more useless crap. That will be the next great invention.... a new concept we Americans have never thought of.... I cannot imagine what that would look like.

Let's hope it happens soon!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It was surprising to receive so much feedback from my first Waldorf RANT. 
I have met victims of Waldorf abuse from all over the world who have been through horrific experiences. Children and parents, all victims of emotional abuse. The schools are everywhere and have large support groups of parents devoted to Steiner's teachings. As long as freedom of religion is a protected right, cults like Waldorf will exist.

The first time we sang a spiritual song out on the green lawn, I got a little bit spooked. But, I was in for the ride. My ex and I had researched the school and loved the spiritual side of Steiner's teachings. Although we didn't agree with some of the strange rules, we decided to invest ourselves for our children. We believed that the campus and the school's  philosophy would help our children stay centered while growing up in the midst of the entertainment jungle of Los Angeles. What we didn't realize was that we were entering a whole new jungle with it's own set of rules and morals that did not relate to anything in the "real" world. And my ex was soon to be brainwashed.

I never really understood anthroposophy. The meaning of that word made no sense to me. I thought that it was like any other philosophical concept...That I could interpret it as I liked. What I soon realized was that anthroposophy is a religion. A religion that Steiner invented and Waldorf takes very seriously.

I understood the idea that children developed in stages. I already experienced that in my home and had been a part of scheduling parent ed lectures at other private schools.
I understood that children were being rushed through academics in our society at very young ages, and that Waldorf took academics slowly. Children had time to adjust to new ideas and learn when they were developmentally ready. I loved that the children sang, painted, played in the mud, and climbed trees. I loved the focus on children learning physical balance and that balance helped them with their ability to learn. And, most importantly, I loved the food the parents made! Always wholesome and organic.

Then I saw my first Eurythmy performance.
I have tried to explain eurythmy to people who have never visited a Waldorf school. It is impossible. When I first learned that this was a type of dance/movement that all children would be performing...On stage...I was confused.
It's not pretty. It isn't ballet, tap, jazz, or gymnastics.
The children wear special cloth slippers and robes while performing.
They gesture and move stiffly...
movement from the spirit.

We were told to take our younger daughter out of hip hop.
Eurythmy OK.
Hip Hop not OK

When the children began painting, they were allowed one color for a week. They painted exactly what the teacher painted in exactly the same formation. Each color was introduced one by one and only one color at a time. Painted on paper with rounded corners. (We still have shelves full of that expensive paper!) No deviation or individuality.
No black.

The kindergarten teacher once met with me to discuss my daughter's details in her free drawings. She was putting too much detail on dresses and in girl's hair. The teahcer told me that she needed to simplify her drawings to just the basics.
Plain people without faces GOOD
Princesses with frills BAD

I was very involved at the Pasadena Waldorf School. I co-chaired the Elves Faire and helped run fundraising events. Initiated events and get togethers. I knew where all of the various props and supplies were in the school. Had a connection with most teachers and the head of school. Served my time on the Parent Council (I can't remember if that is what it was called), and brought up issues to discuss with the head of school and College of Teachers.

It took a lot of us to run these huge events, and I threw myself into them. We spent late nights and weekends preparing and working on Waldorf events. We earned large sums of money for the school so that teachers could go on educational retreats, update and maintain the huge property, and purchase new equipment. Including the building of a new kindergarten in the back yard. Used my professional talents as an Illustrator and Designer to make flyers, print up materials, and organize auctions. I spent thousands of dollars. Plus paid thousands of dollars per child per month. I think it was around $11,000 a year per child when we left the school.

I remember hiding my "TV talk" crew jackets and tee shirts when I came to pick up my children. Once I was wearing a Simpsons tee shirt and the little kids teased me on campus, yelling, "TV TALK, TV TALK!"  My job and source of Waldorf tuition was now BAD.
Gnomes GOOD
Cartoons BAD

There were many of these kinds of judgements on a weekly basis.
I got in trouble by one Mom because I took a group of ice skating girls to McDonalds once (I hadn't eaten and was craving french fries). She was upset that her child had been corrupted by a McDonald french fry. I felt terrible, but I knew that her daughter would survive that one incident.

The Wishing Well was our hub. Where parents and kids gathered after school. Knitting circles gathered in the morning. Bake sales every Friday. And gossip abounded all day long. It was a happy place of comfort until I was banished from campus. Then it was dark and full of gossip. All of a sudden I was an expelled member of anthropsophy and Waldorf. Never to be spoken to again. Even by my friends.

Here's where it got crazy:

How can you have such close friends for 6 years only to be silenced by the school? How can parents allow a school to have so much power over their opinions and friendships?
Friends called me occasionally and asked that I tell no one they called.
What kind of crazy was this?
The head of school ignored a cease and desist order I sent the school and held a meeting in my daughter's classroom to explain to the confused parents that they should not have any contact with me.

All because my daughter's teacher and her father were in a secret relationship.
The teacher stopped communications with me about my daughter. Even when I initiated communication.

My ex and the teacher told the head of school that I was crazy and jealous. They did not believe that my daughter was upset.
I was concerned about my child and the ethics of such a teacher.
My daughter was severely depressed, crying daily.
I was worried about her and that we would probably have to leave the school so she could be taught by a teacher with ethics and morals.
My ex and the teacher continued to attack me instead of deal with the issue.
I suggested a mediator to come to the school. I even brought one with me once.
He was not allowed in the school office.
My ex would not meet with me.
The teacher would not discuss my daughter.

The head of the school and staff ignored the issue.
They took our money, but did not care about the students.
The teacher and my ex continued to ignore my pleas to discuss this problem.

"You're making this a problem," they said to me.

I could not stop my daughters tears for months, and she still cries a few times a month, confused about what happened.

All of a sudden I was banned from campus.
My daughter drew a picture of her experience.
She is behind a wall with her teacher and her Dad. I am on the other side of the wall. She wants to see me, but there is a wall in front of her.
The weird part was that I had full custody.

Once banned...It was time to leave the school.
In a 50/50 legal custody situation, both parents must agree to all educational decisions.
My ex refused to allow our daughter to leave the school.
She went to school every day, with her teacher who chose her Dad over her. Went to her father's house who chose the teacher over his own daughter. But was stuck in class all day every day no matter how uncomfortable she was.

Finally my ex agreed to leave the school.
With the despicable behavior by the Waldorf staff, there was no reason for us to stay at such a horrible place.
We pulled all 4 of our children out of the school.
No refunds.
I couldn't even help my children carry their belongings out of the classroom.
And the teacher did not turn over my daughter's school work until two months into summer break.

The situation got much worse.
The head of school, my ex, and the teacher worked together to try to take my daughters away from me in court. The head of the school concocted a letter and sent it to my ex for him to use in court.
He lost in court.
But, just knowing that my ex, the teacher, and school were a part of something so awful, has deeply affected me.

So much distrust:
The school and teacher deliberately separating my children from me.
The teacher not divulging information about my daughter in school, although I had full custody.
The exclusion from parent/teacher meetings and school events that my children were participating in.

There were quite a few broken laws.

Now that all of our children are attending public school, they are thriving.
It was a blessing in disguise to get out of Waldorf.
I just wish it hadn't been so traumatic. It didn't have to be!

The ex and the Waldorf teacher are getting married next year.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sad State of Affairs: The BANKS

It is a sad state of affairs when two middle class parents of 5 with stable, decent paying jobs, are not allowed to negotiate with the bank. Why?

The bank holds all the cards.
They can rack up as many random fees as they want to.
None of them valid, but you spend months trying to prove their mistakes. By the time they fix the mistakes, they have racked up months of fees during the time you were proving them wrong. It's an exhausting and ludicrous scam.

They say they paid your property tax, when they did not.

You spend 3 months proving to their financial dept that you did pay the tax.

Not only did they add the tax to your mortgage, but they doubled the actual amount and charged you for that. While you prove them wrong, they charge late fees and attorney fees.

Then you get a lawyer. You go to HUD and HOPE now. You believe the false sense of security that Obama has implied through the internet and the news.
You attempt a remodicfication... According to the Obama plan.
You are told to stop paying mortgage (which by now is $2000 more a month because they put an escrow account on your mortgage...because of their mistake saying you didn't pay you property tax).

Do NOT ever stop paying mortgage, no matter what attorney or counselor tells you too.

Once you stop paying mortgage, the bank can do whatever they want legally.

This included charging $46,000 in attorney and late fees.
This includes starting the foreclosure process on your home.
This includes strangers (vultures) coming by your home and asking your children questions while they are playing in the front yard.
This includes strangers coming by and taking pictures of your home.

You call your attorney.
They tell you to hold tight and that your paperwork is in line to be reviewed by the bank.
There is a quiet for a few more months...now totaling 6 months since you started the negotiation process.

Your son comes home from school one day and finds a note on the front door.
The home is to be auctioned in 2 weeks.

The attorney finds out that the bank has still not reviewed your paperwork but since you stopped paying mortgage, the bank can sell the house out from under you.
And evict you.

Before you get to the negotiation table.

You also find out that the bank who collects your mortgage is not the bank who owns the note.
Indymac collects the mortgage. You spoke with Indymac many many times.... For a year.
Deutsche Bank holds the note.
You have never spoken with anyone from Deutsche Bank.
Nor received anything from them.
They are the invisible bank pushing you out of your home.
Charging you fees while you wait in line for a negotiation.
Selling your home before you negotiate.
Charging you so many fees that your home is no longer worth the fees they charge.

Is there a human being to speak to?

Your family of 7: 5 children, two adults, and 4 pets, will be out of their home.
The same home 3 of the children have lived in since they were born.
The same home the mother has lived in for 14 years.
And paid mortgage on time for 13 and 1/2 of those 14 years.
The children walk to school every day from home.
The neighbors are like family.
You know every nook and cranny of the home and property.

Can this family afford this home?

It's too late.
By trying to negotiate a lower mortgage, you lost your home.

To Obama, the banks, and the stock market:

You are putting families like ours out of our homes without any consequences for your actions.
You are making huge errors that have I am paying the consequences for.
We are people...Children...With lives that are being disrupted.
At the beginning of the school year.
We are innocent. We have done nothing wrong.
You were bailed out - by my taxes! That I paid!
You charged bogus fees that we paid for.
You are pushing us out of our homes anyway.

There is no justice!
This is criminal behavior and we are no match for a large German bank trading our homes on the stock market. We are only people.

Carol Wyatt

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


 LIZA DONNELLY's new publication to be released in November by Chronicle Books

Visiting Liza's blog is as fun as her cartoons are funny.
Great observations on feminism and life in general.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

September PINK SLIP Animation meeting

It's that time!!

Another fun-filled PINK SLIP meeting!

Sunday, September 12
10:30am - 12:30pm

The Animation Guild
1105 N. Hollywood Way Burbank
Burbank, CA

This meeting is open to the public and anyone curious about our group and future plans (There are too many to mention here)

As always, we have a lot of work to do and a few people running things.
We will have an update on our projects in production and projects that some of our members are working on outside of PINK SLIP.

We have been very successful at connecting talent to work together on projects. More people are working now, but there are too many animators, actors, and writers still out of work.
This has to change and we can make it happen.

This needs to get up immediately!

We need helpers willing to do the technical mumbo jumbo (that's my tech talk), organization, monitoring and responding to submissions, loading new work, creating fun graphics and type, and helping to market unseen work.
OUR channel is the key to getting our own personal work out in the world while creating an audience, thereby bringing in advertisers dying to sponsor our programs (all projects are owned by the show/film creators), thereby creating revenue, thereby creating WORK.... Paying work... funding animators world-wide, thereby creating more content, thereby creating more work.... ETC........

Please RSVP so we know how many to bring coffee for.

Feel free to bring snacks.

We are now working with animationmaui.com (not skype) for global communication and global production. Much simpler and we will be using them for online production as well.

I highly recommend them for your online studio services as well!

Go to: http://animationmaui.com/
Create an account (FREE)
Friend me: carolwyatt
During the meeting, log on and we can all talk to one another. There is no limit to the number of people and you can use your phone if you do not have access to a camera on your computer.

animationmaui is there to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you,
Carol Wyatt



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Carol Wyatt Illustration Receives 2010 Best of Glendale Award

Press Release

Carol Wyatt Illustration Receives 
2010 Best of Glendale Award 

U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement
NEW YORK, NY, July 13, 2010 -- 

For the second consecutive year, Carol Wyatt Illustration has been selected 
for the 2010 Best of Glendale Award in the Commercial Design &
Illustration category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).
The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding 
local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies 
companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success 
in their local community and business category. These are local companies 
that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their 
customers and community.
Nationwide, only 1 in 70 (1.4%) 2010 Award recipients qualified as two-time 
Award Winners. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed 
to choose the winners in each category. The 2010 USCA Award Program 
focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the 
information gathered both internally by the USCA and data provided 
by third parties. 
About U.S. Commerce Association (USCA)
U.S. Commerce Association (USCA) is a New York City based organization 
funded by local businesses operating in towns, large and small, across America. 
The purpose of USCA is to promote local business through public relations, 
marketing and advertising.
The USCA was established to recognize the best of local businesses in their 
community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, 
trade groups, professional associations, chambers of commerce and other 
business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to be an advocate 
for small and medium size businesses and business entrepreneurs across America.
SOURCE: U.S. Commerce Association

U.S. Commerce Association
Email: PublicRelations@uscaaward.com
URL: http://www.uscaaward.com

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Waldorf Rant - Part 1

  Wooden blocks, silk capes, wooden swords, beeswax candles....
I am traumatized for life.

  When my ex husband and I first visited the Pasadena Waldorf School, we fell in love with the campus. Lush and large with children playing outdoors. A calm and joyous environment where children climbed trees, knitted caps, and painted and crafted daily. The focus on the arts was especially important to us since most schools consider the arts to be a frivolous, wasteful expense in an educational setting.
  Meeting with the head of school at the time, I was happy that she worked with me to ensure that my daughter would get into the 1st grade class. She was gracious and warm and kind to our daughter.

  After leaving a rigorous private school, it took a while for our daughter to get used to the Waldorf style. Although the feeling of happiness is all around, the teachers are strict and sometimes rude to the children. Getting used to the morning rituals and chanting. Songs about God and nature. Learning to never talk about media or pop music. Giving up wearing any kind of logos or sayings on shirts. Picking out sneakers became difficult. Where do you find shoes for kids without logos? Our daughter was afraid to wear a shirt that had any words on it. Yet, she was happy there. We all made great friends and our children played together often.

  When our second daughter was ready for elementary school, we enrolled her into kindergarten.
  By this time, I had become very involved in the school. Helping with the annual Elves' Faire, the newly begun Art Festival, and any and all fundraisers. I truly believed in the school's philosophy and the promise that my children would have an excellent education.

  Our youngest daughter loved hip hop music and all pop music. It was her goal in her short child life to be a diva and sing. She would play music often at home and could not resist singing and dancing. I received a call from her kindergarten teacher alerting me to thew fact that parents were upset about my daughter's singing. Not only was she corrupting the other children with music, but it was pop music. The teacher told me that parents were complaining because their children were coming home singing pop songs. In addition, could we put a stop to her wearing sparkles to school. No sparkly tennis shoes, headbands, or shirts of any kind. She was 5 and 6 at the time.

  When I spoke to my daughter about this, she mentioned that her teacher had talked to her about her clothing and singing already. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of my daughter's paranoia about what she could and could not do. She started to ask me everyday if what she was wearing was OK. She was afraid to sing outside of her room. Her shirts were sometimes too short and her belly would show when she played. She got in trouble for that as well. She started to check her shirts constantly to make sure they were pulled down over her belt. Luckily she had a couple of friends from preschool who did not got to Waldorf, and she could be free with them.

  Finally my ex and I were called into the school for a serious meeting with our daughter's teacher, head of school, and two other teachers. They proceeded to warn us about our daughter corrupting the other children. Her clothes were completely unacceptable and we should buy from J. Crew. Instead of pop music, we should expose her to world music and live music. No radio. She was still too sparkly. Every once in a while some piece of clothing had a sequin or sparkle on it. That was unacceptable. It was as if our daughter was some kind of kindergarten sparkle criminal with a malicious urge to sparkle all of Waldorf. And this was a very SERIOUS concern.
  Needless to say, I was confused. How could a school with so much love and happiness be so critical and judgmental? Is this what we signed up for? Was the school going to start infiltrating every aspect of our home life? We already stopped watching TV and listening to the radio in the car. We only packed nutritional, organic lunches in recyclable containers. We purchased the outrageously expensive required basket for our kindergartners' lunch (the handles broke after two months). Both my ex and I were confounded. I did not like that my daughter was being treated as a troublemaker for something so random and innocent. At 6 years old!
  Because Waldorf is a private school, it does not adhere to the laws governing public schools, or any laws as we we would soon discover. Parents are ruled by the school. I tried talking to the teacher and different members of the faculty only to be told to do what they ask and our child will benefit greatly. Any resistance on my part would have a negative impact on my daughter's education. So we did everything they asked. Did not question the ridiculous nature of what was asked, but went along with the herd. It was beginning to feel like a cult.

  This was the beginning of the slow and painful end to my love of the Waldorf School. There would be much worse incidents to come and one terrible, traumatic experience that left me and my family traumatized for life. I can no longer stay silent.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

But, I like being a parent!

Back to Bloggin'

  I recently read an article in New York Magazine, All Work And No Fun, that thoroughly depressed me.
  The writer gives a detailed description of how parenthood will destroy your life and turn you into a miserable, resentful ogre.
It is laced with sad and depressing pictures of the author's home life with her husband and newborn twins.
  I looked at the photos and read the entire article hoping to find a light at the end of the tunnel. None to be found. They are tired, and argumentative, and have no time for themselves.

  OK, so newborns are a lot of work, and trying to maintain a relationship with your co-parent is a work in progress. But, these are parents who are employed, living in a nice home, with plenty of food in their kitchen. They have entered into a new world and it takes a long time to make that adjustment.
  To complain, and then back up with statistics, their misery and terrible lot in life because they decided to have children, is the saddest self portrait I have seen to date. I wonder if they thought about how this story is a permanent reflection that their children will have access to and undoubtedly read someday.

  How can someone be so out of touch with reality? New York is not Uganda. These children are healthy. The mother survived the birth. The mother and father are employed and are not starving to death. They do not have to carry water on their heads for miles each day just to boil their rice for their one meal of the day. Their children have access to free education.

  So, the parents are sleep deprived.... Yup, been there.
  Arguing? Been there.
  No time for yourself.... Doesn't exist.
Those are topics you get to discuss when you meet your girlfriends for drinks someday in the near future. It's universal and all parents have been through it. For thousands of years, parents have gone through these newborn side effects and survived.

  What this author did not mention is how quickly the time flies. Little by little you do get your life back. Your children are now an integral part of your life and you have the luxury of being front row, center, while watching these new humans develop into people. They are different from anyone else in the world, have unique personalities and can make you laugh and cry.
  My oldest daughter and I now take walks after work. We are very close. When she was little, I had no idea we would have the kind of relationship we have today. My youngest is one of the funniest kids I have ever seen. He makes all of us laugh so hard that we are in tears. Each child has his or her own interesting quirks that make our family so interesting and fun. One likes to write and tell stories. One plays music beautifully. One a very talented artist and another likes to imitate Michael Jackson. My husband does cartwheels with them on the lawn. Sometimes our home life is better than any vacation we could take.

  Maybe this author will know how blessed she is someday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

SPRING INTERVIEW with my high school

Last fall, Ginny Tyler from St. Francis High School contacted me about doing an alumni profile for the spring newsletter. I had fun reminiscing and picking out a few moments to highlight from my career.... It reminded me how important it was to grow up in Kentucky without all of the entertainment bitterness. 

Click on these 3 scans to read the article:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

City Lights and Moonlight Workshop 

Night photo workshop in Phoenix Mountain Park

32nd Street Trailhead, 
NE corner of 32nd St. and Lincoln Dr.
Saturday, June 26, 2010. 7:30 - 11:00 p.m.

The full moon and desert combine to make for a fine evening of photography. The City Lights and Moonlight Workshop is optimized for best shooting of moonlight to capture the desert and the city at night. This class is for amateur photographers wishing to discover their evening photography potential through hands-on guidance and personal instruction. We will be focusing on creativity and experimentation; and guide you through topics of lighting, exposure, and camera settings in low light situations. Both digital and film cameras are welcome.
Be sure to bring a tripod and a flashlight.
The cost for this trip is $60

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flyover Photo

Flyover Photo, originally uploaded by lagohsep.

more near Louisiana

Oil Impacts PAL, May 19, 2010

Oil Impacts PAL, May 19, 2010, originally uploaded by lagohsep.

How will any animals survive this?

Oil Impacts PAL, May 19, 2010

Oil Impacts PAL, May 19, 2010, originally uploaded by lagohsep.

This is terrible!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Early days on the Simpsons

Some fun SIMPSONS photos Wes posted from the early days at Klasky Csupo.

 Matt, Paul, Margot, Gabor

Matt, David, Wes, and Rich

Saturday, April 24, 2010

From Cyndy, LA ROCK'n COMIC CON Founder:

 I'd like to invite you to participate in our event which supports the Arts, Animation, Music & the Film Industries and their creative talents. . Tickets, Tables and booths are available at inexpensive rates to make it very affordable in these tough economic times.

LA Rock'n Comic Con 2010
Pasadena Convention Center, 

Memorial Day Weekend, 
May 28-30, Fri - Sun

Featured Guest of Honor,
legendary Marvel Comics, Spiderman and Iron Man Creator
Stan Lee

Stan will launch our new convention with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday.
VIP Gold Room Meet and Greet, walk through, autograph signings, photos, and much more are scheduled for a total of eight hours on Friday and Saturday.
Stan Lee, Jim Steranko and moderator J. David Spurlock, Vanguard Press, will participate in a special guest panel for the 70th Anniversary of Captain America and Marvel.

An ever-growing list of talents from the worlds of animation, film, comics, and music will be in attendence.
Such favorites as J. Scott Campbell, Jim Smith co-creator of Ren & Stimpy theme song will be performed live. Also scheduled will be Rodd Roddenberry and Marc and Elaine Zicree for Sci-Fi panels, Animation panels, Musicians panel, Voice-Over Artists, Writers, FX and many more.

Several Horror Movie Panels, some moderated by Don Glut will include many special guests such as William Stout, “The Alien” Bill Blair, "Monster Man" Douglas Tait, Academy Award winner FX makeup for Star Trek Barney Burman, horror band Williow Wisp will make a special appearance and perform. Hyaena Gallery and others will display their Monsters original FX Props and Reproductions, and Famous Monsters of Filmland will also be exhibitors.

A Special Femme Fatales panel and celeb autograph signings, Cosmic Play Girls in Superheroine costumes and Saber Guild members will be judges int our Masquerade Costume Contest.

In our Entertainment Pavilion, we have some Pirates of the Caribbean Cast Members from the Black Pearl, Simpsons Treehouse featuring demos by Simpsons Animators and One-on-One Music Sessions with Rock Stars.

Attendees will enjoy the wonderful Main Exhibit and Artists Exhibit Halls, merchandise, panel discussions, plaza musicians, performers and Memorial Day BBQ during the day.

Afterwards, they can relax in a beautiful 3000 seat theatre and be entertained with such headliners as A Flock of Seagulls, When In Rome, Dramarama and The Motels, Waddy Wachtel guitarist for Stevie Nicks, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, host Dave Schulz, keyboardist for Berlin, Goo Goo Dolls, English Beat and many more.

An After Hours Party at the Civic Auditorium and VIP Gold Room from 11pm to 2am, gives fans, attendees and exhibitors an opportunity to network while relaxing and enjoying a continuation of great entertainment!

Live Radio broadcasts from the event by 100.3 The Sound and 93.1 Jack FM

Come and support your fellow artists and participate as this fun, entertaining twist to cons rocks into our local neighborhood of Pasadena.

For further information about exhibiting at
PASADENA Rock’n Comic Con 2010,
please contact:

To see our ad: http://www.pasadenarockncon.com/pages/EMAIL_BLAST.aspx
see you there!


LA Rock'n Comic Con


I can't wait to see FIRE GROOVE perform!

Monday, April 19, 2010


BUTTERCUP FIELD-WW, originally uploaded by WWWTWO.

These colors remind me of the sunflower fields in Italy. This was taken near the Chesapeake in Maryland. By Wilson Wyatt Jr.


BLEEDING HEART-WW, originally uploaded by WWWTWO.

By my Dad, Wilson Wyatt

ICICLE...Telling time, drop by drop

Another great photo by my Dad. Wow!


MORNING FOG, originally uploaded by WWWTWO.

Gorgeous photo taken by my Dad in Maryland. It helps that he lives in this gorgeous part of the country.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

PINK SLIP Meeting SUNDAY, APRIL 18th in Burbank, CA

SUNDAY, APRIL 18th from 2 to 4 PM

April Meeting:

We need producer types:
Producer or Production manager on George's film and Sue's Webisode Series.

I need an assistant.

We still need BG layout, BG color, and Web design.

Importantly, we need someone to go out and get sponsors, make press releases, and meet with money people. A controller/business rep.

PLEASE be ready to list ALL of the animators, editors, recording engineers, etc that are helping each of you on your project. WE need to compile a list for each production. Even if your project is not a PINK SLIP project, if you have used artists services through PINK SLIP,. we need to make sure every person is credited.

LARRY LEVINE and CRAIG CLARK are finished with their first projects.
We will have a screening of Craig first episode.

Press Release, Website, Store, Earnings, Schedules, and an OFFICIAL Business plan!
These things are moving slowly, but they are moving forward.

Update on my meeting with an entertainment Attorney and his suggestions on Contracts within and outside of PINK SLIP Animation.

PINK SLIP Publication (book has not been published and we can put more artwork in.....and Exhibition schedule.
The union has said we could do a PINK SLIP Gallery Show during one of their First Fridays. Still pin pointing a date... Hopefully this fall.

Please bring outside of the box thinking.


Questions: carol-wyatt@sbcglobal.net

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today I Met Carl Reiner

Today I met Carl Reiner.

I had heard him at one of our table readings before and he was hilarious. He plays a recurring character on The Cleveland Show, so he is a regular at the table reads. It was especially funny to see him read one of our raunchy scripts.

Mr. Reiner had written today's story (with the writers contributions), so a few animators asked him to sign their scripts after the reading. 
I asked him a question about the last scene and he launched into a great story about Groucho Marx.
How incredible to be able to meet someone who has done so much incredible work, AND worked with such amazing talent! 
The Dick Van Dyke Show was one of my all time favorite shows growing up. The writing and directing was so funny and clever. There are very few shows today that are as funny as a Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, or The Carol Burnett show. He wrote, directed, and acted alongside Mel Brooks, Steve Martin, and many others I have a deep respect for. I miss that quality of humor in TV today. Where a writer doesn't have to swear or call people names to get hysterical laughter. The stories, characters, and actors made us laugh without being demeaning. They had simple plots with complex personalities that always got themselves into a situation that they couldn't get out of. And those were the laughs.

Never in my wildest dreams growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, would I have ever predicted working with such talented people!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Milky Way and The Galaxy Girls FAO Schwarz Debut

Tween property ‘Milky Way & The Galaxy Girls’ debuts at FAO Schwarz

Soft dolls celebrate girls as multi-faceted individuals

-- Kids Today, 2/10/2010 9:27:00 AM

CALABASAS, Calif. – Art Impressions has launched a line of soft dolls based on Milky Way & the Galaxy Girls. This tween-targeted property from Lauren Faust is now available exclusively at the legendary toy retailer FAO Schwarz Fifth Avenue and online at FAO.com. 

Faust, a 12-year veteran of the animation industry, is an Emmy winner with five nominations to her credit for her
Lauren Faust shows off her Galxy Girls, debuting at FAO Schwarz Fifth Avenue.
Lauren Faust shows off her Galxy Girls, debuting at FAO Schwarz Fifth Avenue.
work on popular series such as Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. After spearheading the creative effort to re-envision Hasbro’s venerable My Little Pony franchise, she is now acting as executive producer of the new animated series.

The Galaxy Girls are a group of intergalactic teens named for heavenly bodies in our solar system. This celestial sorority is as unique as the planets themselves—each character a shining example of her starry home, whether a sizzling personality like the Sun, a disciplined competitor like Mercury, or that orbital oddball, Mars. Galaxy Girls celebrates girls as multi-faceted individuals with characters that model self-affirming behaviors… most of the time. After all, Moon Girl can sure get moody sometimes… and you don’t want to make cosmic rocker Pluto mad by calling her a “dwarf planet.” The girls’ features and personalities mirror an astronomical, mythological or astrological aspect of her respective planet. 

Based on each of the Galaxy Girls’ personalities, the five dolls in this new line feature symbols on their outfits to showcase their personalities (e.g., a heart for Venus). Their outfits to be mixed and matched.  Also available in FAO Schwarz Fifth Avenue and online at FAO.com is the hardcover book, “Milky Way & the Galaxy Girls: What Planet Are You From?”, which explores the personalities and interests of each of the Milky Way characters.

Faust’s vision for Milky Way & the Galaxy Girls reflects her desire to create an empowering, unique alternative to traditional girls’ brands with a property that encourages creative play and individuality, de-emphasizes physical conformity, and yet still retains the popular features and play patterns of fashion dolls. Her complex characters are true-to-life, reflecting a range of interests that goes beyond the usual trifecta of fashion, boys and music.

Valentine's Day in the real world.

  Have you ever felt like one of those guys in an action adventure movie who jumps across a giant chasm only to grab the other side by a fingertip? And as the worn out strong man slowly pulls himself up the sheer cliff the bad guy jumps across only to grab the good guy's leg, pulling him off the cliff again. The good guy hanging onto the cliff trying to shake off the bad guy, who has an iron grip on his foot, pulling him down.
  In the movie the good guy always either
A. gets pulled up by a helping hand, or
B. finds a way to shake the bad guy off. The good guy always wins.

  What happens in real life?
  According to family law, children have very few rights.
  They are divided like property. Even when they are sick they are deprived of seeing their Mother. It doesn't matter...To the courts, the judges, or the ex. The kids are at the mercy of an imposed order by an impartial judge. The ex can dangle the children like carrots to a hungry horse.
  Their educational and emotional needs are not considered.

  The law protects the scam artists and the devious-minded. They know how to use the laws to their favor. They always win because the non-devious minds don't adequately protect themselves. They innocently believe, and have faith, that the law will protect them.
  It does not matter if you live in a 3 million dollar mansion.... If you are not earning income, you are not required to pay child support.
  The family has, unfortunately, depended on this child support for years and assumes it will be there until the children are 18.
  Just as swiftly as the ex left the family, he also gives a two week "heads up" that there will be no more child support.

  I hear these stories all the time..... The man has emptied the bank accounts and moved to a secret location before alerting the unknowing wife and children of his intention to file for divorce. Some have other families they already started and put the money into their girlfriend's account.

  After a few years you learn and regain your self respect. You become strong and weary of the constant badgering, text messages, and abusive emails. You put more space between you and the ex. You do everything you can to have as little contact with him as possible. Stay away at all costs.

  Then "WHAM!" Another blow...
  If there are no bruises or physical abuse, then there is no problem according to the court.
  You are told, "You can't take an ex to court for being an asshole."
  You have been warned by numerous individuals in various professions that he will get worse and do more as the years progress.

  The further away the ex wife gets, the more determined he is to get her attention. "Look at me".... "I'm important!"
  Turn the other cheek, ignore him, don't read the emails, don't have contact at all.
  That helps for a few minutes, sometimes even a day.

  But Wham! More blows....

  You see the damage to the children, and there is nothing you can do about it. According to the courts and the law, there is no problem. The numbers are all that matters. Percentages of time, earnings, etc.... Not the lives of small people.
  The children will need therapy for the rest of their lives. More damage will occur. You know this and cannot stop it from happening.
  Denial is a blessed attribute! The ex wives do not live in denial any longer. They KNOW what will happen. And the law does not protect the children or the ex wives. They hold tight and brace themselves for the next blow.
It always comes.....


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Carol goes to the Annie's

My first time at the Annie's!

Thanks to a good friend I was able to sit in the very front row on the left.... You couldn't get any closer to the stage!

I have been to Royce Hall at UCLA many times for various performances (Moby Dick by Laurie Anderson was by far one of my favorites). This was the first time I had to climb the 3 tier staircase in heels. Why is the parking lot so far away? We're not college students anymore.

Enough whining.... It was a beautiful evening and fun to see animators dressed up for a change. I was happy to run into two friends as soon as I came near the red carpet. The rest of the evening was all about catching up with friends and eating yummy brownies.

Thanks to animators posting all of the names on my photos, I have most of them here.....
                                            See if you can guess who they all are.... Here are the photos and the names, In no particular order:     
Tim Burton : Winsor McCay Award 
Tom Sito : June Foray Award
Jeffrey Katzenberg : Winsor McCay Award
Tom Owens : Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production
Bruno Coulais : Music in an Animated Feature Production
Michael Giacchino : Music in an Animated Television Production
Bruce Timm : Winsor McCay Award
Jen Cody : Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production
John Leguizamo : Presenter & Nominee for Voice Over
Bret Haaland : Directing in an Animated Television Production

 Shane Prigmore : Character Design in an Animated Feature Production 

Eric Goldberg : Character Animation in an Animated Feature

Philip To : Character Animation in an Animated Television Production

 Tom Kenny : Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production

 Seth Green : Presenter & Winner for Best Animated Short Subject, ShadowMachine

Tadahiro Uesugi : Production Design in an Animated Feature Production

Gwynn Adik : Best Animated Television Commercial

Bob Peterson : Writing in an Animated Feature Production

Don Hahn : Roy Disney Tribute

Pete Docter : Writing in an Animated Feature Production, Directing an Animated Feature Production, Best Animated Feature

Tom McCarthy : Writing in an Animated Feature Production


William T. Reeves : Ub Iwerks Award

Mike Henry : Presenter

Lacy Chabert : Presenter

Nicky Jones : Presenter

Danny Jacobs : Presenter

Jordan Nagai : Presenter

Martin Meunier : Special Achievement Annie

Deep Roy : Presenter

Tony Anselmo : Presenter (Donald Duck)

Russi Taylor : Presenter (Minnie Mouse)

Bill Farmer : Presenter (Goofy)

Sean Aston : Presenter

Yuval Nathan : Best Animated Television Commercial

William Shattner : Host

David X. Cohen : Futurama

Ron Diamond : Best Animated Television Commercial

James Manfield : Animated Effects

Tom McGrath : Presenter

Congrats Tom!!!