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Monday, November 24, 2008

My Prodigy Daughter

When I was 10, almost 11, I did NOT draw like this!
My pencils were No.2 school pencils with hard erasers that made ugly, dark, red marks on my papers. When I painted, I used those white plastic water colors you could buy at Woolworth's (I'm from KY). The palette, if you could call it that, contained the primary, red, yellow, an orange, a warm purple, black,
and white. We never had paper you could paint on. The standard white typing paper (yes...typewriters), or old construction paper (from Woolworth's). I didn't know anything about oil paints. Occasionally I smelled them at my Aunt's house when she was working on a painting. But, those were "adult" paints. Not for a 10 year old.

When my daughter was 18 months old she sat at my art desk and drew a perfect circle. Then another, and another. I thought, "Ok...Maybe 18 month olds can draw shapes." By the time she was 4 she was copying her Dad while he drew storyboards. It came naturally for her to tell a story on paper. She made sure to include anything that was important to the story...including props. Eventually we started her in a casual art class on the weekends. It quickly became her favorite place to go. She loved all of the different mediums. Now that she has been in that class for a while, she is in a class with adults. Her favorite medium is oil. And she loves to paint portraits of her favorite female actresses. This one is Liv Tyler from Lord of the Rings.

Monday, November 10, 2008

After Babies

Does everyone look like this
after having babies??

Please say YES

Good Housekeeping Illustrations

A few Illustrations I found in my file...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Women in Film Sketches

Film Ladies
at the Women in Film Forum in LA

I went to a few different panels...
One was a pitch for a Writing Boot Camp...
The guy was really into turning writing scripts into math...
I have no idea what Relationship Upgrades are...but I wrote it down

I loved listening to this guy...the inspiration for the Big Lebowski.
He would go off on tangents about Vietnam and how women will take over
the world someday. While Rena Ronson was talking he put some fake teeth in his mouth
with flashing lights on one tooth and grinned a huge grin. I thought the Coen Brothers
really nailed this guy in their movie.

One of the panels was about pitching.
Some of the women practiced their pitches and got feedback from
the panel of executives. I watched...

This woman knew what she was doing...
She's a writer and producer.

This woman appeared to be new to the industry,
but she had one of the funniest pitches. It turns out she's in Second City!

This executive had such a striking face I had to draw her a few times.
The first day of the panel, her hair and makeup were perfect.
The second day, she looked like she had just woken up... probably did.

Some executives looked too cutesy to be running big networks.

Some were very pretty even though they looked serious.

This one had really high, defined cheek bones. She put dark brown blush
on her cheekbones that made them look slightly bruised.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trimming the Bushes

Where did these cars go??

I want to see Barack and Michelle drive around the US
in one of these!

This was a picture of my dad, Grandmother, Aunt Nancy, Grandfather, and
Aunt Mary Anne
when my Grandfather was running for Lt.
Governor of Kentucky.
Not sure of the name of the dog.
He won.

in the eyes of a 7 year old

After Casey, my blossoming comedienne 7 year old, saw
an animated interview of Sarah Palin, she has been
mimicking her ever since.

Here is her drawing of the interview:

Interviewer: What did you have for breakfast?

Palin: I went swimming.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daisy goes to the Emmy's

The whole family got into watching Daisy get all dolled up for
last Saturday's Emmy Awards.
Aunt Sarah came over
early to curl Daisy's hair. I don't know how t
o use those hot curlers!

We excitedly crowded around Daisy to watch her transform
from her oil painting 10 year old self to her glamour self.
She wore pantyhose for the fi
rst time!
John and Casey listed all the stars they wanted autographs from...
From Emily Osment to The Jonas Brothers (if they showed up).
Casey cried because she wasn't going.
John tried to cheer her up by dressing
up as a huge pot-bellied
crazy boy.

I tried my best to bake cakes for the cake walk
(they both stuck to the pan).
Nicholas did his gorilla crawl around Daisy, and sang "Oooooooo"
to the 80's music we had on.
Steve baked (successfully) nachos with beans and cheese for
a pre-Emmy high protein snack (you have to sit for 4 hours!).

I helped Daisy with her fancy jewels (from Claire's...Shhhhh...).
She borrowed an old silver clutch of my drunken Grandmother's
from the 40's. Inside she was able to fit an autograph book with pens.
We took many pictures outside before she left.

Even the crazy boy got a few shots.

When Joe arrived, Casey cried some more.
But, we got a few cute pictures with Casey.
She tried...

Joe and Daisy took off for their day of Hollywood fun!

We were in the middle of the cake walk at the kids' school
when we got a text from Daisy that said,
"We won!!!"

We won a cake too.

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Foster's Development

Original Foster's Development BG keys

Found these rummaging around my studio...