Saturday, April 24, 2010

From Cyndy, LA ROCK'n COMIC CON Founder:

 I'd like to invite you to participate in our event which supports the Arts, Animation, Music & the Film Industries and their creative talents. . Tickets, Tables and booths are available at inexpensive rates to make it very affordable in these tough economic times.

LA Rock'n Comic Con 2010
Pasadena Convention Center, 

Memorial Day Weekend, 
May 28-30, Fri - Sun

Featured Guest of Honor,
legendary Marvel Comics, Spiderman and Iron Man Creator
Stan Lee

Stan will launch our new convention with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday.
VIP Gold Room Meet and Greet, walk through, autograph signings, photos, and much more are scheduled for a total of eight hours on Friday and Saturday.
Stan Lee, Jim Steranko and moderator J. David Spurlock, Vanguard Press, will participate in a special guest panel for the 70th Anniversary of Captain America and Marvel.

An ever-growing list of talents from the worlds of animation, film, comics, and music will be in attendence.
Such favorites as J. Scott Campbell, Jim Smith co-creator of Ren & Stimpy theme song will be performed live. Also scheduled will be Rodd Roddenberry and Marc and Elaine Zicree for Sci-Fi panels, Animation panels, Musicians panel, Voice-Over Artists, Writers, FX and many more.

Several Horror Movie Panels, some moderated by Don Glut will include many special guests such as William Stout, “The Alien” Bill Blair, "Monster Man" Douglas Tait, Academy Award winner FX makeup for Star Trek Barney Burman, horror band Williow Wisp will make a special appearance and perform. Hyaena Gallery and others will display their Monsters original FX Props and Reproductions, and Famous Monsters of Filmland will also be exhibitors.

A Special Femme Fatales panel and celeb autograph signings, Cosmic Play Girls in Superheroine costumes and Saber Guild members will be judges int our Masquerade Costume Contest.

In our Entertainment Pavilion, we have some Pirates of the Caribbean Cast Members from the Black Pearl, Simpsons Treehouse featuring demos by Simpsons Animators and One-on-One Music Sessions with Rock Stars.

Attendees will enjoy the wonderful Main Exhibit and Artists Exhibit Halls, merchandise, panel discussions, plaza musicians, performers and Memorial Day BBQ during the day.

Afterwards, they can relax in a beautiful 3000 seat theatre and be entertained with such headliners as A Flock of Seagulls, When In Rome, Dramarama and The Motels, Waddy Wachtel guitarist for Stevie Nicks, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, host Dave Schulz, keyboardist for Berlin, Goo Goo Dolls, English Beat and many more.

An After Hours Party at the Civic Auditorium and VIP Gold Room from 11pm to 2am, gives fans, attendees and exhibitors an opportunity to network while relaxing and enjoying a continuation of great entertainment!

Live Radio broadcasts from the event by 100.3 The Sound and 93.1 Jack FM

Come and support your fellow artists and participate as this fun, entertaining twist to cons rocks into our local neighborhood of Pasadena.

For further information about exhibiting at
PASADENA Rock’n Comic Con 2010,
please contact:

To see our ad:
see you there!


LA Rock'n Comic Con

I can't wait to see FIRE GROOVE perform!

Monday, April 19, 2010


BUTTERCUP FIELD-WW, originally uploaded by WWWTWO.

These colors remind me of the sunflower fields in Italy. This was taken near the Chesapeake in Maryland. By Wilson Wyatt Jr.


BLEEDING HEART-WW, originally uploaded by WWWTWO.

By my Dad, Wilson Wyatt

ICICLE...Telling time, drop by drop

Another great photo by my Dad. Wow!


MORNING FOG, originally uploaded by WWWTWO.

Gorgeous photo taken by my Dad in Maryland. It helps that he lives in this gorgeous part of the country.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

PINK SLIP Meeting SUNDAY, APRIL 18th in Burbank, CA

SUNDAY, APRIL 18th from 2 to 4 PM

April Meeting:

We need producer types:
Producer or Production manager on George's film and Sue's Webisode Series.

I need an assistant.

We still need BG layout, BG color, and Web design.

Importantly, we need someone to go out and get sponsors, make press releases, and meet with money people. A controller/business rep.

PLEASE be ready to list ALL of the animators, editors, recording engineers, etc that are helping each of you on your project. WE need to compile a list for each production. Even if your project is not a PINK SLIP project, if you have used artists services through PINK SLIP,. we need to make sure every person is credited.

LARRY LEVINE and CRAIG CLARK are finished with their first projects.
We will have a screening of Craig first episode.

Press Release, Website, Store, Earnings, Schedules, and an OFFICIAL Business plan!
These things are moving slowly, but they are moving forward.

Update on my meeting with an entertainment Attorney and his suggestions on Contracts within and outside of PINK SLIP Animation.

PINK SLIP Publication (book has not been published and we can put more artwork in.....and Exhibition schedule.
The union has said we could do a PINK SLIP Gallery Show during one of their First Fridays. Still pin pointing a date... Hopefully this fall.

Please bring outside of the box thinking.



Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today I Met Carl Reiner

Today I met Carl Reiner.

I had heard him at one of our table readings before and he was hilarious. He plays a recurring character on The Cleveland Show, so he is a regular at the table reads. It was especially funny to see him read one of our raunchy scripts.

Mr. Reiner had written today's story (with the writers contributions), so a few animators asked him to sign their scripts after the reading. 
I asked him a question about the last scene and he launched into a great story about Groucho Marx.
How incredible to be able to meet someone who has done so much incredible work, AND worked with such amazing talent! 
The Dick Van Dyke Show was one of my all time favorite shows growing up. The writing and directing was so funny and clever. There are very few shows today that are as funny as a Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, or The Carol Burnett show. He wrote, directed, and acted alongside Mel Brooks, Steve Martin, and many others I have a deep respect for. I miss that quality of humor in TV today. Where a writer doesn't have to swear or call people names to get hysterical laughter. The stories, characters, and actors made us laugh without being demeaning. They had simple plots with complex personalities that always got themselves into a situation that they couldn't get out of. And those were the laughs.

Never in my wildest dreams growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, would I have ever predicted working with such talented people!!