Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Personal Snowball-The 99%

I am a 46 year old American living in Southern CA.
I have a family with my husband of 5 children and 4 pets.
Currently layed off with sporadic full time work.
I am considered middle class.

My experience is like many middle class Americans. 
We saved. Worked our way up in our careers. Married. Had children. Continued to work hard and save for our children's future. We could take a vacation once or twice a year to visit family or relax. We had good health insurance and could afford all of our bills. Life was never easy, but we had the American dream. The dream that most people have when they move to this country.
To be able to have a job, own a home, and raise your family with the basics needed for survival.

This dream is gone.
I don't think I will ever see this dream again at the rate things are going.
I pay taxes, my children use the public schools, and we use all of the public services available to us.... The streets, the buses, the schools, and the ER rooms on weekends when doctors are not available.
We take these services for granted.
Our country has excellent infrastructure and we do not appreciate it. Go visit any other country and you will be grateful for what we have here.

Greed has always been a part of the banks and investors who want to take as much as possible in their lifetime. This has taken over our country.
If I hear one more Republican talk about how people like me should stop going to Starbucks I'm going to scream. 
We can't afford Starbucks. That's an entire meal for one latte!
Politicians are so out of touch with reality. People cannot afford these luxuries anymore.
We go to the park.

The 3 banks that were involved in the lengthy process that eventually forced us out of our home, will never be held accountable. 
They have broken us and we cannot afford to sue or hire any more lawyers.
The taxes we owe for one decent year of income does not go to the programs I want it to go to. It does not go to educating mychildren who are the FUTURE of this country.

It's ironic that my taxes are taken from my American children's education and given to a war machine that kills overseas. It doesn't make any rational sense whatsoever.


So, all of you people out there that criticize others need to look around and realize that this could be YOU. It could happen to you tomorrow.
We need less judgment and more camaraderie in fixing this country. Stop beating your chests! If people spend their last penny on cable TV or a Starbucks, that's their decision. Escape is necessary for survival. Stop judging every single thing people do and HELP!

I am 46. I do not have the luxury of starting my life over again. I have 5 children to raise and work, work, work.
I have to continue to do the best I can with what I have left. No savings, no investments, no property.

I paid the banks.
I paid my taxes.
My taxes paid the banks.
I lost my home.
I owe more taxes.

It's that simple.
We were robbed.


  1. Carol, you were robbed indeed. I have a similar story, but I lost my wife and it hurt my family. About everything you can think of happened to us. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. You're not alone. -Mark Zoeller

  2. It does hurt the family so much. I think the fact that we have so many kids keeping us so busy is what keeps us together. We can't sit and ponder our situation for very long.
    I am so sorry about your family. I know a lot of people in the same situation as yours. It's scary when you know so many people who have gone through the same thing! Not a good precedent.

  3. Carol.. check my FB page.. lots of activity on there re: this piece...

  4. yah, yah, boo ho, blame everyone but yourselves. Must be the Republicans or the banks that forced you to not pay your bills or have way too many children. Jobs come and go, no one is to blame but you for not having a backup plan in place. Oh and did I mention OVERBREEDING?

  5. A backup plan? Ar you talking about 23 years of savings and investments plus 401K?
    Yup. Had that.
    Overbreeding? Someone bore you.
    You sound seriously disturbed.

  6. To Anonymous - No Wonder you're ashamed to sign your name to your insensitive, condemning and ignorant comments...What the F is wrong with people like you??

    To CW - yours is not an uncommon story and my heart goes out to you and your family. I hope somehow you are able to turn things around.

  7. Sally, thanks for your support. We are in an OK place now that we have really cut back. I am so grateful to have a wonderful family. We have fun. Plus the animation biz keeps me pretty entertained. I know way too many people who have had the same thing or much worse happen. I wanted to post this because of all of negativity I keep hearing from the GOP candidates. It's surreal and disturbing how critical they are of ordinary Americans. I would think they would want to win us over. It's my tax dollars that pay their huge salaries. Upward of $350,000 a year. That's huge!

  8. Thoughts are with you and your family, Carol... Hang in there- you are much loved and respected by your colleagues, and bad as it might seem now, that's one investment you can't lose.

    Best always- Joe Suggs

  9. Carol, I feel your pain. Several years ago, I was injured on the job and the doctor I worked for where I was injured refused to submit the Worker's Comp paperwork. Unable to use my left arm at all and unable to find any work, I lost my home, my car and custody of my kids. That all happened between 9a.m. and noon on a Saturday. California WC wouldn't pay benefits or rehab me and a Social Security judge said there were 100 jobs I could do one-handed in the United States and "you should move there." I admire your continuing to find the pony in the room full of horse doo-doo. It was 3 years before I rehabbed myself, got use of my arm again, started working and got my kids back. My heart and prayers go out to you. I know it seems (and feels) like you can't start again, but, trust me, you will find a way. You have love and faith and grit on your side. Kriss, Washington, DC

  10. Thank you Kriss. What a horrible experience you had. Like I said in a previous post, there are far too many people going through much worse than I am. I'm glad things got better for you!! If I lost the use of my arm it would be horrific. That's my bread and butter.
    Joe, you are a super sweetie! I love all of my cohorts in animation. You rock!