Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sad State of Affairs: The BANKS

It is a sad state of affairs when two middle class parents of 5 with stable, decent paying jobs, are not allowed to negotiate with the bank. Why?

The bank holds all the cards.
They can rack up as many random fees as they want to.
None of them valid, but you spend months trying to prove their mistakes. By the time they fix the mistakes, they have racked up months of fees during the time you were proving them wrong. It's an exhausting and ludicrous scam.

They say they paid your property tax, when they did not.

You spend 3 months proving to their financial dept that you did pay the tax.

Not only did they add the tax to your mortgage, but they doubled the actual amount and charged you for that. While you prove them wrong, they charge late fees and attorney fees.

Then you get a lawyer. You go to HUD and HOPE now. You believe the false sense of security that Obama has implied through the internet and the news.
You attempt a remodicfication... According to the Obama plan.
You are told to stop paying mortgage (which by now is $2000 more a month because they put an escrow account on your mortgage...because of their mistake saying you didn't pay you property tax).

Do NOT ever stop paying mortgage, no matter what attorney or counselor tells you too.

Once you stop paying mortgage, the bank can do whatever they want legally.

This included charging $46,000 in attorney and late fees.
This includes starting the foreclosure process on your home.
This includes strangers (vultures) coming by your home and asking your children questions while they are playing in the front yard.
This includes strangers coming by and taking pictures of your home.

You call your attorney.
They tell you to hold tight and that your paperwork is in line to be reviewed by the bank.
There is a quiet for a few more totaling 6 months since you started the negotiation process.

Your son comes home from school one day and finds a note on the front door.
The home is to be auctioned in 2 weeks.

The attorney finds out that the bank has still not reviewed your paperwork but since you stopped paying mortgage, the bank can sell the house out from under you.
And evict you.

Before you get to the negotiation table.

You also find out that the bank who collects your mortgage is not the bank who owns the note.
Indymac collects the mortgage. You spoke with Indymac many many times.... For a year.
Deutsche Bank holds the note.
You have never spoken with anyone from Deutsche Bank.
Nor received anything from them.
They are the invisible bank pushing you out of your home.
Charging you fees while you wait in line for a negotiation.
Selling your home before you negotiate.
Charging you so many fees that your home is no longer worth the fees they charge.

Is there a human being to speak to?

Your family of 7: 5 children, two adults, and 4 pets, will be out of their home.
The same home 3 of the children have lived in since they were born.
The same home the mother has lived in for 14 years.
And paid mortgage on time for 13 and 1/2 of those 14 years.
The children walk to school every day from home.
The neighbors are like family.
You know every nook and cranny of the home and property.

Can this family afford this home?

It's too late.
By trying to negotiate a lower mortgage, you lost your home.

To Obama, the banks, and the stock market:

You are putting families like ours out of our homes without any consequences for your actions.
You are making huge errors that have I am paying the consequences for.
We are people...Children...With lives that are being disrupted.
At the beginning of the school year.
We are innocent. We have done nothing wrong.
You were bailed out - by my taxes! That I paid!
You charged bogus fees that we paid for.
You are pushing us out of our homes anyway.

There is no justice!
This is criminal behavior and we are no match for a large German bank trading our homes on the stock market. We are only people.

Carol Wyatt


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  2. Oh, Carol, I am so sorry this is happening to you!
    My sister has been going through something similar. How can they be so inhumane? If this isn't a crime, it ought to be.
    You and your family deserve better.