Saturday, April 17, 2010

PINK SLIP Meeting SUNDAY, APRIL 18th in Burbank, CA

SUNDAY, APRIL 18th from 2 to 4 PM

April Meeting:

We need producer types:
Producer or Production manager on George's film and Sue's Webisode Series.

I need an assistant.

We still need BG layout, BG color, and Web design.

Importantly, we need someone to go out and get sponsors, make press releases, and meet with money people. A controller/business rep.

PLEASE be ready to list ALL of the animators, editors, recording engineers, etc that are helping each of you on your project. WE need to compile a list for each production. Even if your project is not a PINK SLIP project, if you have used artists services through PINK SLIP,. we need to make sure every person is credited.

LARRY LEVINE and CRAIG CLARK are finished with their first projects.
We will have a screening of Craig first episode.

Press Release, Website, Store, Earnings, Schedules, and an OFFICIAL Business plan!
These things are moving slowly, but they are moving forward.

Update on my meeting with an entertainment Attorney and his suggestions on Contracts within and outside of PINK SLIP Animation.

PINK SLIP Publication (book has not been published and we can put more artwork in.....and Exhibition schedule.
The union has said we could do a PINK SLIP Gallery Show during one of their First Fridays. Still pin pointing a date... Hopefully this fall.

Please bring outside of the box thinking.



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