Monday, January 16, 2012

Joey and Ginger Adams are in need of our immediate help

I worked with Joey Adams On the Ricky Gervais Show.

Please help in any way you can...

Animation director Joseph Adams and his wife Ginger are facing a nightmare with the health of their children.  I am passing along their story so that the animation community can come together to show any support possible. 
On Christmas day 2011 while Joey and Ginger Adams were visiting family in Pinetop, Az, Ian and Henry, the family's two 16-month old twin boys had to be airlifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital with advanced pneumonia. Days of anxiety and prayer followed as both babies were given oxygen, and Ian was put into intensive care...

Making this crisis more disturbing, prior to the birth of the twins, Joey and Ginger Adams had already been devastated by the loss of their 16-month old daughter, Gwen, on November 14th 2009 under startlingly similar circumstances.

Today there is a pending diagnosis of HLH for Ian and possibly his twin brother Henry. This would also explain why Gwen had died so suddenly in 2009. Because HLH is a genetic disease, it also means that the Adams's oldest son, Caid (6 years old), could possible have the same disease.

If the diagnosis is correct, the only cure is a successful bone marrow transplant. 
Joseph and Ginger Adams have a website they created to keep friends and family updated.  They have also set up a PayPal account and a PO Box to give supporters avenues to help with donations and words of encouragement.

Thank you for any support the animation community can provide:

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