Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nightmare Ned Development

Nightmare Ned Development Painting.
Ned's House Normal day.


  1. Wow...just honestly, wow.
    I can't believe I finally found this.

    On a whim, I had decided to Google about nightmare ned, because I just had to finally see the designs and development behind such a beautiful game...and then I found this. At last!

    Well, I knew I recognized your work from somewhere! I love foster's to death, but I never made the connection! (for some reason)

    Nightmare that was a game....that was THE game of my childhood. There was, and still is, simply nothing like it.
    The entire idea. The nightmare worlds. Every single little interactive thing. It was unique beyond words that do it justice.

    Aside from the amazing music, what I can still remember so clear was the beautiful haunting ARTWORK.

    Simply breathtaking scenery, landscapes that truly come out of a made the game.

    and now, getting to find a whole BLOG by the very person behind the art...I really couldn't be happier.

    So, all in all. I have to say, THANK YOU. Infinitely. For being involved, and putting your spectacular work into this game. I can't imagine my kid years without it, and I can't imagine the game without your talent.

    Well, I have just one last little wonder...

    Out of curiosity, because I AM dying to know about scrapped ideas and things that didn't make it to the final game.....

    You have concept art for a....
    "falling forest".

    Did that ever get far, or what?? Because I SURE KNOW I was afraid of spooky forests when I was younger...terrified. I would like to know more about just what they did with that level (there is that one forest up in the attic....)

    I don't remember how blogger works with comments, but...a reply would just be the most miraculous thing to read after this decade or so of being introduced into the mind's eye of ned needlemeyer.

  2. Thank you for the enthusiastic compliments!
    I was the art director for the TV series at Disney. I did not work on the game. There were a few designers who contributed greatly to the look of the game and the show. Creative Capers was behind the game while Disney handled the series, and there was a little bit of collaboration.
    We had some of the most incredible directors, designers, and painters on that show.
    Conrad Vernon (director of Monsters vs. Aliens), mike Mitchell (director at Dreamworks), Paul Tibbit (show runner and producer of Spongebob Squarepants), Mike Bell (story artist at Dreamworks), Vince Waller (director on Spongebob and previous Ren & Stimpy's), and many others who are extremely successful today.
    We had a lot of fun on that crew.